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Valentino Episode Miami Design District Pop Up Store


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New arrivals in Valentino Episode Miami


Valentino is pleased to announce the opening of the exclusive pop up, Valentino Episode Miami, with a special installation at Design district. The pop up store will open on the 27th of November and will run until April 2021.

To celebrate the opening of the pop up, Valentino will make a donation to The Rubell Museum to
support their activity with local artists and inviting both communities to share this experience.

Don and Mera Rubell are known worldwide and have been collecting art for over 50 years with
over 7,000 works. They opened their Miami contemporary foundation and museum in 1993 and
pioneer a new model for sharing private collections with the public and spurred the development
of the neighbourhood as one of the leading art and design districts in the U.S.

The 90 square meter pop up has been conceived as an art gallery, a vast loft that combines a series
of furniture pieces from the mid-century modern to a contemporary approach, whilst presenting
the Valentino Men’s Spring 21 Collection.

The walls will also boost video projections that will be in constant renewal over the duration of
the pop up.

Opened in January 2015, Valentino also has a permanent boutique within Design District that
carries all womenswear product categories and fragrances.